About Cerezen

Cerezen is a safe, effective, customised treatment approach that can relieve the pain and associated symptoms of Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD).

The device consists of two 3D printed, custom-made, hollow auditory canal inserts which allow full passage of sound through the ear and are practically invisible from the outside.

The device is non-invasive with minimal negative impact on your patient’s lifestyles.

Clinically effective, comfortable, discreet and easily inserted and removed, the devices can be worn day or night, meaning patients are more likely to ‘use as directed’ in comparison with traditional TMD treatments such as bite splints.

The easy integration of Cerezen into your practice workflow means you can continue to treat patients in-house rather than having to refer them to another practice or specialist. This delivers a significant business advantage and an improved patient experience.

With the prevalence of TMD, and associated symptoms and conditions affecting up to 30% of the population*, Cerezen provides a solution that can open up a wealth of opportunities for you and your practice.

*Source: NHS Choices 2017

How Cerezen works?

The Cerezen device offers support to the temporomandibular joint and associated secondary musculature, to reduce strain.

A customised Cerezen device is made to retain the shape of the patient’s ear canal in the relaxed jaw position. This increases the patient’s cognitive awareness and therefore reduces their bruxing and clenching.

Comparison with traditional treatments

  • Traditional approaches involve the use of occlusal guards. However many dentists find that they are ineffective in relieving TMD symptoms. Also, this approach has low patient compliance as many patients do not like wearing intra-oral devices- either during day or at night. Studies on their overall effectiveness in providing TMD symptom relief has also been inconclusive*.
  • In clinical studies, over 70% of participants indicated excellent satisfaction with their Cerezen devices.
  • Cerezen’s key advantage for patients over all other treatments is that it is completely non-invasive and presents minimal disruption to the patient’s lifestyle. It is comfortable and discreet, enabling the device to be worn day or night, thus improving patient compliance with ‘directions for use’.

* National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research paper

Choose Cerezen

“What Cerezen works to achieve is actually getting to the source of the problem, and preventing a problem from progressing and arising in the first place.”

Dr. Joanna Christou MBBS Lond BDS (Hons) Lond MJDF RCS


  • Can be worn day or night except when swimming, bathing or during contact sports
  • No adverse effect on speech, hearing or eating
  • Most advanced, unique treatment for TMD on the market
  • Clinically proven, effective non-invasive approach

Bite guard

  • Potential adverse effect on speech and appearance
  • Cannot be worn when eating
  • Possible long-term damage to the jaw
  • Clinically inconclusive benefit in providing TMD symptom relief*