Vox Pop: What Do You Know About Teeth Grinding?

Last Updated: 16/01/2017

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Vox Pop: What Do You Know About Teeth Grinding?
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We took to the streets to find out.

Teeth grinding? You mean, like, grinding your teeth? I don’t ever do it myself, but I don’t even know of anyone who does, to be honest. Just like frustration, just going like ‘rrrr’, like that? Well, I certainly don’t do it. I’ve no experience of anyone doing it. That’s a strange question.

When I think about teeth grinding, I think about stress, and I think you do it at night, in general.

Yeah, while you’re sleeping.

And I do it a bit sometimes, but I don’t have a brace.


I clench my jaw very tight when I sleep. Does that class as teeth grinding? Yeah, sometimes that really aches in the morning, and it’s a funny pain. I can actually feel it in my teeth.

I grind my teeth endlessly. Every night sleeping, I grind them all night long. Yeah, it’s something I’ve done for, I don’t know, since I was a kid, I suppose. Other than that, that’s pretty much…

Well, I’m a physical therapist, so I have some patients that…neurologic patients that reflexively kind of grind their teeth, and it’s grinding, period. It’s like, I don’t know, it gets like… It’s like nails on a chalkboard.

So what do I know about teeth grinding? It’s not good for you. It wears down the enamel in your teeth and it can eventually cause pain. That’s what I know about it.

One of my sisters suffers from it, and it may be a cause that she suffers from migraine, and they think there’s a connection. If you have migraine, and she has a very bad dose of migraine, that she grinds her teeth at night. So this is attributed to what’s going on in the brain, going through to the teeth.

You do it when you’re stressed or anxious. You can do it in your sleep. What else?

You do it.

I do it, yeah. My dentist just told me last week I’ve started to do it, so I need a guard fitted to sort that.

Personally, I do it when I’m stressed, and I catch myself doing it a lot because of that.

Anxiety, probably. It’s like a, you know, coping mechanism. You twitch your fingers or crack your knuckles. I grind my teeth in the same fashion.

Do I know what causes it? All I think is stress, stress and being anxious about something.

I’ve no idea.

Yeah, I don’t know if it’s a reflex. I mean, obviously, with my neurologic patients, there is some disruption in their movement patterns and in different parts of their brains, so I guess it has to be sometimes part of the syndromes, but you know, I’m not exactly sure what causes it.

My mum actually grinds her teeth, and she ended up getting like an orthodontic gum shield which she wears at night, which was fitted to her teeth that she… Yeah, that’s supposed to help.

I know mouth guards, they give that to people that do it at night, you know. Some of it, probably, is habit or nervousness, I would think, too, for other people, you know. Like, my sister grinds her teeth.


Yeah, but I think she got a mouth guard.

I do not know what the teeth options for grinding, if that’s your question, are, but I would like to know if you could possibly tell me.

I know none of them. Should I know them?

I’ve never heard of any of them.

Bruxism. Bruxism? No.

I’ve not heard of any.

I’ve not heard of any of them.

I haven’t heard of anything of TMG or TMJC, or anything of any of those other TMs.

Well, I know what bruxism is. It’s that…that… Well, I don’t know exactly, if I do know the definition, but it’s that grinding. And then, TMJ is the temporal mandibular joint. And the other two things, I don’t know what they are.


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Vox Pop: What Do You Know About Teeth Grinding?
3.55 (71.05%) 38 votes

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