Frequently Asked


  • How do I find out where I can get Cerezen?
    • Contact us here and a member of Customer Service Team will contact you with further information
  • How effective is Cerezen?
    • In clinical studies, over 70% of participants indicated a satisfaction rate of excellent, having achieved relief from their TMD symptoms.
  • When can I be fitted for a Cerezen device?
    • First, you need to have been diagnosed with jaw pain or TMD by your healthcare practitioner.
  • How will I know in which ear the devices should be worn?
    • Both earpieces are colour coded. The one for the right ear is marked with a red dot (tip to remember R for Red, R for Right), and the one for the left is marked with a blue dot.
  • Will wearing Cerezen affect my hearing?
    • No. Because each device is hollow, sound waves can enter your ear as normal and your hearing should not be diminished. There may be a slight alteration in tone, but not in volume.
  • Are there any potential complications if I use Cerezen?
    • Feedback from clinical trials to date has been overwhelmingly positive with minimal adverse events. As the Cerezen devices are custom-made for the wearer, this ensures comfort during wear as well as ease of fitting and removal. They’re made from medical grade polymers EShell 300, that have been safely used in hearing aids for decades. This material does not contain latex. The Eshell 300 material is CE certified and the Cerezen devices have been tested according to EN ISO 10993 Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices for Cytotoxicity, Sensitisation and Irritation and passed all testing.
  • How can I be absolutely sure Cerezen is safe?
    • Cerezen devices are a conservative and completely reversible treatment.
  • Someone I know uses Cerezen. Can we share? Does one size fit all?
    • No. Each set of devices is custom fitted and 3D printed specifically for each patient suffering with TMD.
  • Do I have to wear the devices in both ears?
    • Yes. Wearing both devices simultaneously is recommended.
  • Can I wear the Cerezen devices in the shower / bath / swimming pool and when I’m playing contact sports?
    • No. It’s advisable to take the Cerezen devices out when you’re swimming, bathing or playing contact sports.
  • Can I keep Cerezen devices in all day every day, 24/7?
    • As long as you’re not swimming, bathing, showering or playing contact sports, Cerezen devices are completely safe to wear up to 23 hours per day. In the unlikely event that you experience any discomfort, simply remove the devices.
  • How should I store my devices?
    • When not in use, devices should be stored in the box in which they were provided.
  • Is Cerezen covered by medical insurance?
    • Cerezen is not currently covered by Medical insurance or the NHS.
  • When should I stop wearing my devices?
    • It is advised to take the Cerezen devices out if you suffer pain in your ears, hearing difficulties, nausea/dizziness and to contact your provider should any of the above occur.

If you have any other questions please contact the person who prescribed your Cerezen devices.

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