Innovative and Effective



Discover how Cerezen reduces the pain and symptoms of

Temporomandibular Disorders and how you can become a Provider.

Effective andCustom-made

Cerezen can relieve the pain and symptoms of Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) in your patients.

The customised devices are inserted into your patient’s ear canals, where they retain the shape of the ear canal in the open jaw position, thereby encouraging the jaw to return to a relaxed position, which in turn can provide symptom relief.

The device consists of two 3D printed, custom-made, hollow auditory canal inserts which allow full passage of sound through the ear. These devices are virtually invisible from the outside.

The device is non-invasive with minimal negative impact on your patient’s lifestyles.

Cerezen can help you find a solution for your patients suffering from TMJ symptoms and broaden the services you offer in your practice. To help you inform your patients that you offer this pioneering treatment and also reach out to new patients, we have developed some ready-to-use digital files to use on your website, social platforms, newsletters as well as print files including:

  • Images for your social media
  • Flyers and Documents
  • Articles and Infographics
  • Customisable Designs

Make it work for you with our Digital Pack

“Cerezen provides an effective conservative treatment for our patients.”

Dr. Daniel Saund

BDS (Bristol) Consultant in Oral Surgery, MFGDP MFDS RCS MJDF RCS

“Life before Cerezen was painful.”

Emily von Speyer Cerezen Patient

Join the growing number of dental practitioners and healthcare providers in UK, Ireland and throughout Europe who are prescribing Cerezen for their TMD patients.