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Benefits of Cerezen to your practice

The number of patients who present with TMD symptoms is increasing. Cerezen offers your practice an innovative and clinically proven treatment for patients presenting with jaw pain, facial pain, tension headaches and associated TMD symptoms. Becoming a Cerezen Provider is easy and has a dedicated support team including clinical and marketing and sales. Improve your TMD patient outcomes with the addition of Cerezen to your practice.

Cerezen Provider Tools

Cerezen provides you as a practitioner with a host of tools to help you promote Cerezen within your practice

  1. Dedicated Training
  2. Marketing Material
  3. Customer Service Support
  4. Clinical Support
  5. Assessment Forms
  6. Social Media Promotions

Your Dedicated Team

Cerezen have a dedicated team, which are on hand to guide and help you along your Cerezen journey

Territories We Serve

  • 1 Saife Aziz
  • 2 Sean Gannon
  • 3 Nicola Gresty
  • 4 Nikki Madani
  • 5 George Saada
  • 6 Alice Pickin
  • Joos Van Riet
  • 8 Joos Van Riet and Sean Gannon

Ready to Become a Provider?

Simply fill out your details and a member of the Cerezen team will be in contact with you and give you all the information you need to become a Cerezen provider

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